Vis à Vis by Vincek

The cutest little cake and pastry shop with a romantic terrace - Vis-à-vis by Vincek is just around the corner from the Ilica Vincek, just under the famous Zagreb funicular. This shop offers a new approach to cakes and pastries for all those who follow the newest nutrition trends, whether for health reasons of out of curiosity, but refuse to give up on dolce vita.

The major novelty is the fact that all the cakes and pastries are gluten-free, and only brown sugar, stevia and agave syrup are used as sweeteners.

The second major novelty is the fact that we also use rice or soy milk. Some of the other ingredients you will not find in traditional cakes are flax seeds, olive oil, cranberries, sweet potato, carrots... Make sure you try our carrot cake!

Our new offer includes cakes without eggs or cow milk, vegan cakes and raw-food cakes (prepared without thermal processing, on the basis of cashews, almonds, fruits and agave syrup).

You will be pleasantly surprised to try one of the dozen flavours of bio ice-cream or bio soft-ice, which can be combined with great imaginative toppings.

You can try out excellent rich hot chocolate, as well as white or bitter hot chocolate sweetened with stevia. If you prefer coffee or tea, Vis-à-vis''''s bio offer includes organic, 100% arabica coffee, fifteen kinds of Revolution teas, and natural and healthy fruit juices.

Welcome to Vis-à-vis by Vincek and enjoy our sweet surprises!

Zagreb, Tomićeva 2
tel.: 01/4831-551

Working hours: 9:00 - 22:00

Closed on Sundays and holidays.


Special offer: