Pastry and biscuits

Which flavour would you like to try out the most? A traditional pastry made by Viennese masters, a creamy fruit delicacy, or perhaps a chocolate cream-filled cake? Apart from making traditional cakes, Vincek develops new types of flavour, modern lighter creams, and various fruit and diet cakes. From its very beginnings, Vincek has been employing quality ways to make famous international types of cakes such as Schwarzwald, Sacher, Tiramisu and others. Our recipes are designed and modified by members of the Vincek family, all of whom jointly take part in the business. What sets Vincek apart from other cake and pastry shops is the fact that our products are made exclusively from fresh local ingredients of the highest quality and only a few selected imported top-quality ingredients. All products are made without any ready-made preparations or additives. Vincek buys its fruits and other ingredients from local growers and producers, and processes them or freezes if necessary to use them later in the making of their products. What is most important, we use animal origin cream, which gives a special flavour and quality, which is readily recognized by real gourmets.

Vincek also offers diet cakes made according to standard specifications. We were also the first to make ice cream for diabetics.

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