The year 1993 saw the opening of the second Vincek shop in Zagrebu, at Ilica 18, and the most famous Zagreb street became the place to have a taste of pastry and cakes originating from Viennese and old Zagreb''s master pastry and cake chefs traditions. After 4 years, the Ilica shop was expanded and became a must-visit place for Zagreb''s residents and all other pastry and cake enthusiasts who happen to come to Zagreb.

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Vincek - Ilica 18 - Zagreb

Telefon: 01/483-3612
Fax: 01/483-1294

Working hours: 8:30 - 23:00
Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Slastčarnica Vincek Ilica
Slastčarnica Vincek Ilica
Vincek Ilica Sank

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